Monday, April 21, 2014

YA Bootcamp Update 7

Good morning! The YA Buccaneers are hosting a motivation bootcamp from March - May for writers who need motivation and accountability.

Here are my progress updates from the past week:

  • AMELIA edits: 99% complete! And I believe I have narrowed down a new title.
  • Critique group: we had a successful meeting with a great exchange of ideas. I have to put my group's comments on hold while I finish editing this other manuscript.
  • No YARWA entries scored :(
  • I had a lightning bolt idea of how to potentially revise my shelved manuscript that did not sell. It's either genius or terrible. I checked out a bunch of resources from the library and next week I will look into this further!
This Week's goals:
  • Complete edits for agent (hopefully today). Revise further if needed. (Then: put on Submission!!)
  • Read and score 2 YARWA contest entries
  • Possibly submit practice pitch/critique for RWA meeting Wednesday
  • SPRING FLING CONFERENCE! Friday and Saturday I'll be at a regional RWA conference. I'm signed up to help out with a few things, but mainly I'll be spending time with writer friends old and new, attending sessions, eating, book signings, etc. Very excited!


  1. Congrats on (basically) finishing your revision!! You rock.

    Also, I'm going to email you since your comment on my blog got eaten and I'm super curious about your thoughts on writing diversity. :)

  2. Yay! That's a fantastic achievement getting those edits done! And hopefully, no more revision needed. *crossing my fingers for you*

    You're super woman, Stephanie!


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