Friday, April 11, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Jack Sparrow

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My theme is Memorable Characters featuring characters from books, movies, and TV.

Jack Sparrow

From: The Pirates of the Caribbean movies

Known For: swindling, surviving

Some of us remember when Pirates of the Caribbean was just a boat ride at a theme park. Now, Jack Sparrow, created for the film franchise which debuted in 2003, is one of Disney's most recognizable characters. Throughout the films, Jack becomes less of a villain, though his true pirate nature is never too far off. Johnny Depp's unique take on the role, basing his performance off of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards (and I've also read he channeled cartoon skunk Pepe Lepew and even Angela Lansbury!) won him a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe. I remember being very excited by Depp's inclusion in the film since he's still my #1 favorite actor (going back to Cry Baby days) and I'm so glad Disney's gamble on the actor paid off. It's a fun series that embraces Depp's silliness with really fun storytelling.

Are you a Jack Sparrow fan?


  1. It's Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow!

  2. I had a whole post dedicated to pirates and Jack's silly facial expressions. It was epic. Yes, I'm a fan.

  3. Great choice of memorable character. He's kinda the definition of, actually... ;-)
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  4. Johnny Depp is so great in those movies. The last one was a bit much but he still brings the humor no matter what! Good choice!

  5. Such an awesome character! If he wasn't in the films, they wouldn't be half as good.

  6. I just LOVE him. He is AWESOME :D

  7. As long as we're not talking about the fourth movie...

  8. Johnny Depp is one of those few actors who is just excellent whatever he does. I don't like all the movies he's done, but he always gives an outstanding performance. His Jack Sparrow is no exception. And that they got Keith Richards to play his father is just the icing on the cake! :)

    1. Same here. Some of his movies are not great, but he is almost always great in them. Though I never saw The Lone Ranger and I really wished he hadn't done that movie.

  9. Haha, he's definitely an epic character, and a perfect choice for J!

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