Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Queen Amidala

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge! All month long we'll be creating posts for each letter of the alphabet according to a theme. Click here to see the list of participating blogs.

My theme is Memorable Characters featuring characters from books, movies, and TV.

Queen Amidala

From: the Star Wars series (prequels)

Known For: grace, representin' Naboo

It's another Star Wars leading lady! I always loved the costuming for the queen, which help to define her character. I decided to look into it, and discovered the dress to the left was inspired by Mongolian royalty. Her heavily made up face and ornate hair helps to distinguish her as a royal since the queen was only a young teen when she took the throne. I like how Padme is shown both in and out of the makeup and heavy clothes, so her early friendship with Anakin feels more genuine--they're both kids, only a handful of years apart. There's even a book written by the award-winning costume designer Trish Biggar called Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars.

Speaking of costumes, Star Wars characters make very popular Halloween costumes. Have you or someone you've known ever dressed as a character from Star Wars?
(*raises hand* I've been Princess Leia--still have the wig!)


  1. The fact that George Lucas was inspired by Japanese Samurai and Eastern philosophy for aspects of the Star Wars saga was already fairly obvious. That costume and make-up really does underscore the Oriental influence on the stories, however. And no, I've never dressed up as a Star Wars character--not that I recall, anyway. I've pretended to be Luke Skywalker when playing with my school friends... but that didn't involve dress up. :)

  2. We've had so many Jedis for Halloween! When my kids were smaller, I always wanted them all to dress up as jawas, but I could never get them to go for it.

  3. Everyone always wanted to dress as a Jedi. The late shoppers always had to be ewoks.


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