Friday, April 25, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Voldemort

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My theme is Memorable Characters featuring characters from books, movies, and TV.


From: the Harry Potter series

Known For: dark magic, horcruxes, lack of a nose

I love the slow reveal throughout the series of what made Tom Riddle into the most feared wizard. Voldemort is barely spoken of, and his name surely never said aloud by any self-respecting wizard. So by the time we meet Voldy in the books & films, we expect him to be just as terrifying as the magic world considers him. Casting a powerful actor like Ralph Fiennes, I never once questioned Voldemort's potential for terror. That lack of nose and the cold, pale skin--plus all the snake connections--make him one of the best villains in literature and film. He's scary to look at, formidable to our gang of friendly wizards, and played masterfully by an incredible actor. Voldemort's defeat is a defining moment in the series.

OK, this Potter Puppet Pals video is old but I still love it. Warning: it will get stuck in your head!

What is your favorite moment from the Harry Potter series?


  1. I agree that one of the things that makes Voldemort such a formidable character is the way his character is revealed throughout the series. In Book 1, we know only the stories about him, but as the books progress, we gradually get to know him--and as we do, some of the mystique falls away, and he's not quite as fearsome as at first. To begin with, Harry shares his colleagues' fear of the name, but by the end of Book 7, he's facing him down.

    1. True, his progression is really interesting. But that's what makes a great villain, since Voldemort is the hero of his own story, his reasons have to be compelling and not just, "he's evil."

  2. Known for the lack of a nose - made me laugh out loud! I love Potter Puppet Pals, so funny!


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