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Blogging A to Z: Gilmore Girls

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The Gilmore girls

From: Gilmore Girls

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I just finished a re-watch of the series (inspired by recaps on Forever Young Adult). While it can be annoying that everyone in Stars Hollow talks exactly the same way, how many other shows have delved this deeply into mother-daughter relationships? Even going multi-generational with Lorelai's mom Emily. Each time I watch this show, I understand further a different character's point of view; how selfish Lorelai can be, how Emily is cold but ultimately loving, and well, I almost always want to hug Rory (except when she stole that boat). The Gilmores are smart, pop culture savvy, neurotic, make excellent friends, and are some of my all-time favorite ladies on TV. Neither Lorelai or Rory have fared well with men, but their mistakes add to their layers.

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Who is your favorite non-Gilmore?


  1. I only watched one episode of Gilmore Girls and it was because I heard that they took a swipe at my hometown. I think Rory was looking at colleges and considering Yale when some guy (Lorelai’s boyfriend maybe?) talked her out of it because New Haven is a dump. (Sooo true lol)

    Don’t know anything else about the show except that the smart, snappy dialogue seems to have influenced a lot of other shows. Lauren Graham seems like the coolest mom ever (even in Parenthood) and Alexis Bledel is ten kinds of adorable :-)

    1. FYI, Rory DID choose Yale, which is shown in a favorable light on the show. Lauren Graham is more annoying on Parenthood IMO but more because of choices. She's a great character though, I just yell at the TV a lot.

  2. I loved Gilmore Girls. My sister and I would get on the phone (many, many miles apart) and ooh and ahh our way through the episodes.

    My favorite Gilmore Girl is Lorelai, but my favorite non-Gilmore is Sookie. She is the best (I'm so proud of Melissa McCarthy these days). The banter between her and Lorelai was delightful. Plus, I loved her husband Jackson (I think that's his name).

    I have to say that I had a major thing for Luke...Whenever I see a guy with a backwards baseball hat I am rushed back to those days.

    Oh, and can the theme song count as a character? Sigh. Carol King.

    Thanks for giving me a happy memory today.

    Leanne Ross ( readfaced.wordpress.com & @LeanneRossRF )

    1. I just rewatched about half the series and I agree Sookie is a great character.

  3. I am long overdue for a Gilmore Girls rewatch. I have all of the seasons on DVD, so I really have no excuse. I know what you mean about everyone talking the same way. The show Scandal is HORRIBLE for that. It actually kind of drives me around the bend, to be honest. I would definitely have to agree with you that Gilmore Girls has a lot of memorable characters.

  4. This is one of the shows I've always meant to watch. I didn't pay attention to it when it first aired, but then a bunch of my friends were going crazy for it! Good luck with the Challenge.

    Visiting on behalf of Untethered Realms for the A to Z Challenge. :)

  5. LOVE Gilmore Girls! Especially love watching with my mom :) Other than the Gilmore clan, I find Kirk hilarious and also have a soft spot for Taylor and Michel. And of course Paris! I guess I basically like everyone except for Logan. Boo Logan!

  6. I don't know why, but I could never get into this. It's always nice to see talented young women doing well though, including actresses. I like to see women getting rich and having good careers; we need more of them to catch up with the men. :)

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