Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Hannibal

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My theme is Memorable Characters featuring characters from books, movies, and TV.

Hannibal Lecter

From: Hannibal (TV), The Silence of the Lambs (film), both based on the book series by Thomas Harris

Known for: refined taste, psychotherapy, cannibalism

Admittedly, my knowledge of Hannibal Lecter comes from the wonderfully crafted current TV series Hannibal. If you aren't squeamish, go watch it now. It's beautifully shot, almost like an indie film. Mads Mikkelsen who plays Hannibal is beyond compare, but the whole cast is great. Hannibal is a formidable man, most terrifying in his silence, right before he strikes. He is the ultimate villain, a highly intelligent psychopath who blends in with society. I hate to say it, but the food he makes looks delicious. Except for the fact it's probably a person.

Who is your favorite villain character?


  1. Love that gif, it made me laugh out loud.

  2. Favorite villain? Hmm. I usually side with the heroes, and so I'll have to think ... ... ... huh ... I can come up with sidekicks and heroes, but no favorite villain comes to mind. I'm stumped.

  3. Interesting, but I'm not sure Hannibal is to my taste...My favourite villain? Does Michael Corleone count?

  4. I prefer the film Hannibal to the show (soooo creepy), but the show is really great too. And he's an excellent character in any sense.

  5. I have become obsessed with that show. The scripts are quietly funny under the creepy horror. The sets are gorgeous and the costumes are distinctive. Hannibal is a villan that you can admire for his style.
    Elizabeth at

  6. I watched "Silence of the Lambs" at the movie theater when it came out. Possibly the only horror movie I have actually seen on the big screen. Despite the subject, it's a very well-made movie, and Hannibal is an interesting character.

  7. As someone who grew up watching soaps (and is kind of saddened at how few of them are left), my favorite TV villains include James Stenbeck of As the World Turns and Roger Thorpe of Guiding Light. They did so much evil stuff, but they didn't turn evil overnight, they had their own motivations (however warped), and they did have moments of humanity. A good villain can be more interesting than a character who's perfect and never errs.

    1. Soaps have some great villians--Stefano from Days of Our Lives comes to mind.

  8. The video is too funny. I never could make it through that movie. I vaguely remember skinned bodies lying on tables, and that's when I had to turn it off!

  9. Oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with NBC's Hannibal. You're right, it seems like an independent film or something. So creepy, so good.

  10. I talk about this show for H as well, even though it's not the main focus. I LOVE this show! As I say on my blog, it's like watching a moving Salvador Dalí painting, and Salvador Dalí is my favorite artist.

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