Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready. Set. Write! #8

Welcome to Ready. Set. WRITE! A summer writing intensive with the purpose of writing, revising, planning, and keeping each other accountable.

We will share goals on Mondays. You can sign up at any of the host blogs (Jaime, Alison, Katy, Erin). Don't forget to hop around to encourage other participants!

Last week's goals:
I had a tough week writing. I mainly wrote over the weekend, and labored through my edits. At one point I stared at the screen for an hour. I've been re-arranging scenes, streamlining, and making sure every scene and character needs to be there. This was not a weekend where words flowed and I saw magic happy rainbows.

What kept me going: all of your support. Checking in. Determination. RWA's RITA and Golden Heart awards--those writers didn't give up. Laura Drake, this year's RITA winner for best first book, has been working toward publication for almost 15 years. I really hope it doesn't take that long for me, but her determination is inspiring.

Another bright spot: I received my writer's care package from Erin & the Ready Set Write crew! This meant so much to me, thank you again.

This week's goals:
  • Finish my edits
  • If I'm lucky, add some more plot brainstorming to the Camp Nanowrimo project I've mostly abandoned this month :/ (I managed to write a few random scenes which I think helped me get back in the swing with my revision edits).
A favorite line from my story: 
  • An antagonist in my story sends a message to my main character that karma's a bitch. Only she spells karma with a C, which fits her personality.
The biggest challenge I faced this week:
  • There is no one right way to write a story. I wish there was sometimes.
Something I love about my WIP:
  • The voice and characters. My critique group, bless them, pointed out some of my edits had lost the voice. That means the voice IS strong in the story, and I need to watch for those lulls and where I compressed scenes to make sure the voice isn't also compressed.
I'm open to hugs this week. How did your writing goals go for you?


  1. I'm sorry this week was so rough for you! I had that happen to me recently, too, so I feel for you :(. It really does help to get support from CPs/other writers! I hope this week is easier and productive for you.

  2. Sometimes we do edit the voice right out of a story. I made the mistake of listening too much to comments about a particular opening a few years ago, and it came off sounding completely unlike my normal, natural style or voice. It sounded forced, pretentious, and fake, and also made my character seem like a simpering pansy instead of the young Clark Gable or Gary Cooper he imagines himself as.

  3. I can relate to having a tough week on the writing front. That was me this week too. I think sometimes when you're rearranging and making changes, it kind of ties your brain in knots and makes it hard to get anything done. That has been my experience lately anyway. It's great that your story has a distinct voice, though! Having CPs that point that out is a bit of a boost, I expect. And it gives you something to watch for in your edits. Hope this week is much easier for edits and the flow of words!

  4. Sorry to hear your week's been rough. Sometimes I wish there was one way to write a book, but each seems to bring its own challenges! Good luck this week! :)

  5. I hope that you have a better writing week with your edits and brainstorming. I did enjoy your line that you posted for your WIP. It made me laugh. Have a great week!

  6. I'm so happy the care package was a bright spot in your week! I was hoping it would be! I spent a lot of time staring at my screen this week too. Sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around everything that needs to be done in a story and to keep all those threads from slipping out of your hands when you're trying to weave them together. You know, I never really thought about losing voice during edits, but that's a great reminder to keep voice in mind when you're patching story problems. Good luck continuing those edits and with your plot brainstorming!

  7. Some weeks writing is very hard and I'm sorry it was a rough one for you. Fortunately I also know that (and I'm sure you do too!) it's not always like that, that sometimes the words gush out and the magic IS there. Hang in there. But I'm so glad this intensive has been a support for you. I do not know how my summer writing survives without it!

    Also, yay for care packages! So glad you won! Hope you have a better week, Stephanie!

  8. *HUGS* Rough writing weeks stink. But for all those rough ones, there are ones where the writing is magic and rainbows- and here's to one of those for you soon!

  9. I've got a few of those "voice" scenes, too. Somewhere along the way my MC's boyfriend lost his charm and became irritating. So glad I kept old drafts to find him again :)


    Hope you have an amazing week!

    *hugs again*

  10. I utterly failed this week. I actually forgot to post my update! So, we are together on that score. Hope your week this week is better !

  11. Sorry to hear the writing isn't flowing this week. But then, it doesn't always. I hear you on wishing there was only one way to write something. Trying to find the one that feels 'right' is sometimes so hard. Good luck this week and dive into that package ;)

  12. Aww, hugs! Last week was a fail for me too, and I'm blaming my birthday which did keep me busy during the second half of the week and weekend, but I could have done more during the first half.

    I hope this week is more productive for you and you feel better about your progress.

  13. I've had a tough week getting focused :/
    I worry about the voice of my story quite a bit. I am taking the whole "compressed" thing to heart.


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