Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book Review: Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland

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Nantucket Blue
Leila Howland
YA Contemporary
Published: May 2013

More summery YA contemporaries! Cricket vows to have a great summer with her best friend Jules on Nantucket island, a place she's yet to go herself though Jules spends every summer there. But when Jules' family befalls tragedy, plans change. Jules takes off for the island with her family decides without Cricket, which deeply affects her given spending time with Jules' family beats solving her own family's issues--a lonely mom and dad who's moved on to a new family. Cricket knows Jules needs her, so she finds summer work on the island, and shows up to surprise Jules.

The flavor of elite vacationers in Nantucket serves as a theme for Cricket's experience. Class issues are explored, as well as family loyalties, and self preservation. Cricket finds her family's hurts follow her to the island, as does Jules'. Cricket's other motivation for a Nantucket summer relates to a boy she knows back home who is also there for summer. But, love has other plans for her....

This is a solid summer contemporary, and a second book Nantucket Red is also available.

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