Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Image: Goodreads
Open Road Summer
Emery Lord
YA Contemporary
Published: April 2014

Open Road Summer is summer wish fulfillment: school's out, road trip, celebrity culture, romance. Reagan hops on a tour bus with her best friend Lilah, who happens to be country music's next rising star. Reagan has a lot she's running from: a bad-boy ex, a broken family, general rebelliousness and restlessness now that her bestie no longer attends public school. Of course, there's a guy. Another country music star making his solo comeback after a stint with  a Hanson-like family kids group years earlier.

This is the perfect book to breeze through on a warm day, and the characters have enough depth to keep the story from floating away entirely. Reagan's family troubles are realistic and her reactions similarly real, in both her mistakes and her loyalties. Each main character has a deeper story, with a lot of fun moments thrown in.

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