Friday, February 11, 2011

RIP Borders?

I might have to hustle up and use that Borders gift card pretty soon... I think it might be the end for Borders. If you haven't been following this news, the book retailer is close to filing bankruptcy. Even if you don't follow business news, if you have a Borders Rewards card, you can almost tell impending doom is near by the desperation in their emails. It used to be that they rotated coupon savings between amounts of ranging from 20% to the more rare 40% off. Ever since the holiday shopping season started up, I don't think I've seen a coupon for less than 40% off list price.

While there are a few local bookshops in my area, Borders is by far the most convenient to go to, and I will definitely miss it if it closes.

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  1. I'm not clear if it's an airline-style bankruptcy where they continue operations, or an all-out failure. An article I read said they "may close" up to 150 of its 650 stores. Maybe they'll be able to restructure during bankruptcy protection or something?

  2. It sounds like at least 200 of their 600+ stores are likely to close. They have a really good deal now for buy one paperback geto ne 50% off; ANY paperback. Desperate but I'll take the discount!


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