Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrity Gossip Turned Novel -- YES PLEASE

The creators of Go Fug Yourself, one of my favorite websites, have their own YA fiction novel coming out this year called Spoiled. I will definitely read this! For the uninitiated, GFY is a blog of celebrity fashion criticsm that is on par with how The Soup covers inane entertainment news. Certainly a guilty pleasure, but it's clever and witty enough so that you don't have to suffer shameful morning-after feelings like you do when you watch say, a hard-hitting Access Hollywood story on whether a Kardashian has a baby bump.

Plus, what I like about GFY is despite the fugly reference, which sounds inherently mean, a lot of the posts applaud well played fashion, even for frequent offenders like Rhianna or Bai Ling, who I literally only knew from the fugly blog. Honestly I still don't know what movies or TV she's been in.

The concept of Spoiled sounds like a YA precursor to what my sister-in-law calls, "chick in the city" books (think 20-somethings in New York a la Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada or Everyone Worth Knowing, and many of the books by Jennifer Weiner, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin... I could go on). I don't mind those type of books as long as they are done well. I like Lauren Weisberger's writing style a lot, it works. Even Meg Cabot can take her cute voice and spin it into some pretty funny adult chick lit (Queen of Babble in the Big City, Size 12 is Not Fat).

Here's to hoping they have success with their book. They have such a strong following with their website, I have to think that helps.


  1. It should be interesting, but I'm not sure if I'd read it. It's not exactly the type of YA I prefer.

  2. I think I am mostly interested as a fan of their website and how funny they are.


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