Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Book... it's a start.

So, I sat down to write tonight, fully intending to deal with a specific section of my work-in-progress. I ended up somewhere else in the story, editing sections I haven't gone through yet, all the while thinking probably the whole first chapter needs to go. I have all this material, and characters that I like, with a pretty cool story concept, but assembling all of those pieces into a cohesive, entertaining story... it is not easy.

In other words, writing is hard!

Except it also sort of isn't. What I've realized the most with this project is how much I like writing, how easy it feels sometimes, and how crazy I've been for not figuring this out earlier. I am not suffering from lack of motivation, at least not yet. The difficult part for me is making it all work, getting alternating points of view within the story to play out in a way that isn't too predictable, but not so abstract that it's disjointed.

What's frustrating to me, is to read a book where a concept is great but the execution is lacking. So I'm torn with how to start the story, how to present all that I have to present. My husband and I are currently brainstorming, since the original concept was his, and although it has since morphed into something much bigger and in a different voice than he anticipated, he is totally on board with making this into a fully realized novel. So, we're working on an outline so we can shape what we have.

Also, I may need to give my genre defining anxieties a rest. It is a bit of a revelation to think I might be writing a Young Adult market novel, but it may work. Struggling with not caring about classification and just writing, or keeping that on my mind since it is a factor. For publishing, that is. Which I'm very far from.

So, instead of working out a chapter this evening I'm probably reworking The All Of It. And it's already 9:30! Where does time go?!

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