Monday, February 14, 2011

I Call Myself a Star Wars Fan...

...And yet, there is a plethora of Star Wars material out there that I've barely touched. I mean, we own the movies, I saw Clone Wars in the theatre, I have dressed as Princess Leia for Halloween (bought an official wig, too) and I've made Boba Fett cookies. But I have not ventured into the world of Star Wars fiction. Wait, I take that back. I did try an audio book once, but there were explosion sound effects and I found that distracting and cheesy, so I never finished it.

The internet is such a great place, in most cases you can find the hard work already done for you. Here's a review of a book called The Courtship of Princess Leia, which is an actual, real book. The cover art alone might make it worth a purchase. Anyway, props to the bloggers out there doing the work of investigating curiosities like this so I can determine if "I want to go to there."

In this case, it's probably a no. But if I ever see that gem at a Goodwill, it's mine.

FYI-Blog link courtesy of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which looks like a really fun site, although I'm not a fan of romance novels.


  1. I love StarWars! Nice Post. You might want to check out "Heir To The Empire" and "Dark Force Rising" by Timothy Zahn. I found them enjoyable...and I think they stayed true to what Star Wars may have looked like after "Return Of The Jedi."

  2. I remember TCOPL. It came out right after "Truce at Bakura" and a bunch of other mediocre SW novels. I agree that the Zahn trilogy was good, as was Kevin J. Anderson's Jedi Academy trilogy. Most of the stuff they're cranking out right now is garbage, though. If you're serious about exploring some of these, I have at least 20 or 30 SW novels in boxes somewhere.

    If you're REALLY serious about diving back into that world, I have the radio dramatizations of the first two films on cassette tape. They were produced in the early 80s with many of the same voice actors though with some puzzling replacement choices (John Lithgow as Yoda!?). These expand the stories to several hours each, including a lot of scenes cut from the final movies. There's a real nostalgic quality to them. Definitely worth a listen!

  3. Paul, you win. I may be interested in trying out one of the better Star Wars novels. I have admit, since I've been reading more writing blogs, my To-Read list is getting long.


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