Friday, February 28, 2014

YouTube Friday: Fix Your Grammar

In our age of social media, blogs, and comment forums, we sure see a lot of bad grammar. People saying "literally" for things that aren't literal:

In today's video, beloved puppets Glove and Boots (not quite Muppets but close in cuteness and humor) break down some grammar basics:

Happy Friday everyone! What's your grammar pet peeve?


  1. I also hate when people say literally in a non-literal sense, and totally overuse it. The use of "whenever" in place of "when" also really bugs me, like "I was five years old whenever my brother was born." Being from the Pittsburgh area, I say/write some things that might be considered grammatically incorrect elsewhere, like "The plants need watered," "The baby wants fed," and "the place they were at."

    I've also picked up a few grammatically incorrect habits from my Orthodox friends, like using by when you really mean at, with, during, or in: "We ate by my friends," "That student was very overactive by lunch," "I stayed by her mother for the holiday." Apparently it's a quasi-Yiddishism, not a New York City thing as I initially thought. A lot of Orthodox people also leave out words, and say things like "My mother doesn't let" or "He already had."

    1. Those regional and cultural difference are so interesting!

  2. My biggest grammar pet peeves are the two that probably bug most writers. I will write a sentence using both of them:

    Your crazy. You can't get apple's in December!

    I'm sure I don't have to point them out to you!

    I feel SO SO wrong just leaving that dreadful sentence there for eternity,

    1. Ah yes! So frustrating to see bad grammar. Sometimes I type so fast I make mistakes like that and it bugs me so much if I click post without finding the errors first.

  3. Ha, I'm glad there are some people in the world averse to bad grammar. I don't have any one pet peeve, I have several. Any bad grammar is annoying, but bad punctuation really takes a reader out of a story too!

    Thanks for following, Stephsco. I've followed you back.



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