Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Run To You by Clara Kensie

Run To You Part One: First Sight
image: Goodreads
Run To You
Clara Kensie
YA Contemporary Thriller
Published: 2014

Run to You is a serial novel released in parts. This format works really well for the book and adds to its fast pace. If you're a writer looking to explore pacing and first chapters, this is an interesting one. The action starts from the very first page, with subtle hints to the larger picture of what's going on. It's not a book that stops to explain very often, and yet it still works with context and leaving a bit of mystery.

Tessa's identity changes frequently due to her family relocating whenever the mysterious man hunter her family gets close to finding them. Her parents have a run-and-leave-nothing-behind exit plan they've instilled in Tessa and her brother and sister. We don't know why they are being chased, though it has to do with Tessa's family's psychic and telekinetic abilities. All abilities Tessa doesn't have herself.

In a new town, and new school once again, Tessa is conflicted about letting herself get close to a boy she meets on the running trail near her house. While her older sister flirts and dates without shame, she's seen the heartbreak it caused when their family had to flee. There are no goodbyes in their world. Only new identities, hotels and rental homes paid in cash, and fires set to their old belongings.

This is a really fun series and one of the first YA thrillers I found truly engaging. I'm only on part one! All three parts are now out (having each been released in subsequent weeks this month). At $1.99 for each part as an ebook, it's a pretty great deal too.


  1. Ooh! How fun. I totally need to get into serial reading, but there are so many novels on my TBR list. Hey, do you have a time stopper you can loan me?

  2. The idea of a serial book has interested me for some time. How is the author doing this-via published methods or on their blog? I am off to investigate. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've only tried a couple serials so far, and my experience has been "that was fun" but not enough to buy the next installment, so I've never actually finished one! But I am fascinated by how they are constructed. I also read your Longbourn review and that sounds like a must-read for me - Elizabeth and her sisters from a different perspective! I've always thought Mary was under-appreciated. I wonder how the servants view Mr Darcy?


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