Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diary Days

This is where I review an old diary entry (thus, the blog name) and reflect. Sometimes there isn't much to reflect on, but at least it's funny. In 1994, I decided it was time to document things I hated. I listed them using the aptly titled, Things I Hate:

  1. Noisy eating habits - Still one of my top pet peeves.
  2. A mouthful of excuses - Clever!
  3. Lima beans, beef stroganoff, meatloaf - Yup, still true.
  4. Posers (with the note: the act of doing, not the people) - Clearly an adolescent thing.
  5. School, everything related (except friends) - I always remembered liking school...
  6. Baywatch bikini girls - Who doesn't?!
  7. Cloudy, moody days - I live in the Midwest, we practically manufacture these.
  8. People watching me sunbathe - OMG, ew. I think this was a kid from school talking to a neighbor in the next backyard. I don't remember if he actually stared or if I was only paranoid of it happening. 
  9. Sandy everything from being at the beach - Fact: sand teleports. 
  10. Music by Phil Collins, ZZ Top, Rush, Meatloaf - A good hate list, for sure.
  11. Hoochies - I cannot make this stuff up.
  12. Jet lag, readjustment - And airplane food, right? I mean, gross!
  13. Annoying bugs! - Right on!
The only addition I have is when a person talks through a yawn. When the urge to yawn arises, just stop talking and get it out. You're not fooling anyone by pushing through it, as if no one will notice the weird way words sound as a mouth shapes around the yawn.

Did you just yawn?

What do you think? Do you have anything you remember hating that has carried over from childhood to adulthood?


  1. Yes I did yawn!

    Umm...what's a hoochie? Is this one of those American/British translation things, or is my education sadly lacking?

  2. This was a fun idea, it's interesting to look back like that. I'll second your vote for annoying bugs, and definitely the yawn thing!

  3. Sarah: A hoochie is a trashy girl, it's slang, but I honestly don't know if people use it anymore. It's listed in!

  4. I loved this and I most certainly did the yawn thing. I find it an annoying little fact.

    Your blog is so cute! I can't believe I wasn't following before! I wanted to let you know that querying is going well. A few requests and still waiting to hear back at th moment. Also working on some new novels that I'm very excited about so thanks for being so sweet and asking!

  5. Oh and I knew hoochie so whether it's the current terminology or not some will still know the 'trashy' definition.

    My co-workers things like this - Bitches ain't nothing but ho's and tricks. I'm sure it's out of style but it's hilarious!

  6. I'm totally with you on the lima beans, but not so much with the beef stroganoff. Fun post.


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