Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reading Challenge: Updated!

I had my Goodreads reading challenge set to 30 books for the year, and since I'm already working on book 24, I just upped it to 50. Fifty books! A few years ago I remember discussing books on a music message forum, and someone said their reading goal was 50 books. At that time I read around 15 or 20 books a year. I never dreamed of reading a book a week!

Now here I am, setting the bar higher. Audio books are a big help since I can finish one in about a week. I also finally bought the new touch screen Nook reader, so I have so many ways to read. I will certainly share all the great books I come across, so stay tuned!

And if you aren't on Goodreads, it really is a fun place to track your own reading and see what's new. Happy reading!


  1. Good for you, Steph! I am a bit envious, though, because I have not been making my reading goals so far. I used to use Goodreads, but I may have to get back into it.

    I have a giveaway this week, by the way, at my other blog (The Writing Apprentice), if you're interested. =)

    -Miss GOP

  2. Wow! Good luck with your new goal! :-)

  3. Good for you! Authors need more readers dedicated like you are. Have fun and enjoy the stories.

  4. I think it helps I'm reading a lot of YA, which tend to be shorter. Even if it's 400 pages, usually the font is bigger or the spacing wider, etc. Still, I find myself leaving the TV and reading, or opting out of a lunch table conversation at work to head straight to the chairs in the lounge to read.

  5. Great goal! I've been a reading dud lately, but hoping to get back into it.

    I use Shelfari to track what I've read. Very similar to Goodreads.

    Good luck with your goal!


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