Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing Software

I heard a rumor that Scrivener for Windows is releasing in July. I've waited anxiously for this release since I found out about the software during National Novel Writing Month. But... I don't seem to see any concrete evidence of a release date. All I see is the Windows beta version expires June 30. I signed up for their email updates and I suppose I'll have to be patient until then.

So, why am I excited for Scrivener? I am a visual person and the writing process further proves this. I frequently "zoom out" to view my Word text in different ways (reading layout, print format etc.) to get a better grasp on layout and scene transitions. Ideally I would have a space plastered with photos, snippet text of scenes and a giant outline hung map-style in front of my face. But I also don't like clutter. The idea of having this style of work formatted into a writing program, all condensed onto my laptop appeals to me.

Also, the software is unbelievably cheap, which also appeals to me. Word, you are great, but you are basic. I'm ready for the next step.

My family has this thing we call "typical Scott style," in which we work with the lowest form of technology for so long, once we upgrade it's virtually a miracle. In typical Scott style, my husband learned to program entire songs on ancient software meant for playing short sound clips. In typical Scott style, he made all his own sound samples (he made a drum beat and turned into a loop and turned into a song) rather than using pre-programed samples from a software program. We are not early adopters of new technology, but when we get it, we grab on and hold for dear life.

photo: nuttakit

Do you use any writing software other than a standard word processing program? Which do you use and why do you like it?


  1. I don't use any writing software at all, apart from typing my draft. It recently occurred to me that if I'm going to look for crit partners, I should at least investigate some :)

  2. I'm also slow to add new technology to my repetoire but I find that I end up with everything sooner or later, well, later, and then I don't know how I functioned without it.


  3. We are slow to new tech too. I downloaded the beta to Scrivener too, I just saw it is slated to come out in mid August.


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