Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology good, technology frustrate

Good news! A new Nook touch screen is going on sale in 3 weeks! How fortunate then that I JUST BOUGHT a Nook for my mom. It's already obsolete. Yargh!

It took me 2+ hours to get the wi-fi to work on it, which according to all the poking around on the internet I did (and a tech support call to my husband) to figure out how to fix it, was a common problem. Maybe that will be fixed in the new model. But she has the Nook and already finished a book on it since Saturday, so not all is lost.

I suppose there is the option to return the one she got and wait until June 10 to purchase the new one. It's actually slightly cheaper, too!

So, if you're in the market for an E-reader, be mindful of what's in store in the next month.


  1. What made you decide on Nook instead of some other eReader?

    I just recently got myself a Kindle and already in love with it. :) Though Nook looks very sleek.

  2. I chose the Nook for her b/c you can borrow ebooks from the library, and you can purchase google ebooks via independent bookstore websites and read them on the Nook. The Kindle does not allow either, although the library lending will be an option soon. Also, there is a B&N near my mom and they have live humans to demonstrate their product!


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