Monday, June 8, 2015

The World of Wattpad: Tell Me What You Know!

Let's talk Wattpad. I'm new.


(In the above scenario, I am the little kitty slipping backward down the slide). 

So I'm registered for Wattpad--a website that's all about free reading and sharing your writing--and have already found a few familiar authors who have partials of their published work posted, or new material. I've tagged some fanfic (Supernatural, in case you were wondering) and have been browsing all the pretty profiles.

Are any of you fans of Wattpad? Reader or author, either way, I'd love to know how you use Wattpad, who you connect with, and what you post.

For those more newb than me, here is a link to Wattpad's About Page.

And here's my profile in case you want to friend me! Wattpad User Stephsco

Please share All The Things Wattpad with me!


  1. I've been on Wattpad for two years, but I haven't done ANYTHING with it. I don't even read the stories I've subscribed to. I probably need to leverage that platform, hmmm???

    1. Haha.. well, I've read a few things already. I guess I'm not sure if I will post anything myself. Short stories or fanfic.

  2. OK I've never heard of Wattpad, but Supernatural Fanfiction pretty much just sealed the deal on me going over to check it out. Maybe we'll figure this thing out together, haha.

  3. Check with author Elizabeth S. Craig. She uses it and gets great results.


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