Friday, January 2, 2015

Why Getting a Book Deal is not my New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm planning a post to detail what I accomplished last year in the writing and reading sphere, and then I'll plan some new goals.

But first, I've been mulling this over for a few days.

This book helps so much--applies to novels!
I'd love to get a book deal. Of course I would! But landing a publishing contract did not make my list of goals for the new year, because I can't control who wants to offer me a deal for my manuscripts. While there is a lot I can do to prepare and learn and work toward that goal, ultimately who decides this is not up to me.* To base a goal on a factor outside of my ability to make a decision sets me up for failure.

*The star here is to note that I do have more options in the new world of self-publishing. If that is the direction I planned to go, I absolutely have control over when and how I am published. For now, I am still planning to go the traditional publication route first.

So instead, I'm focusing my goals on what I CAN do to prepare for the best possible chance of selling my manuscripts. Arguably, I've been laying that groundwork for a few years now. Writing is a craft, which takes time. I'd like to think I'm done waiting around, but we all know this business defies predictability, unless it's to predict things take longer than expected. Those who stick it out for the long haul are often who see their books in print.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you plan to use for goal setting this year!


  1. Ha, love Valerie's slow clap! I would love to see something happen for me this year in the agent/publishing front. But like you said, most of it's out of our control. But not working hard! I plan on trying to write everyday. Some days might not be huge word count days, but at least I'll still feel like I'm actively trying to reach my dream.

    1. Setting those smaller goals is totally where it's at! Though writing every day to me is not necessarily a small goal. It's a workable goal though. Good luck!


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