Friday, January 2, 2015

Book Review: My True Love Gave to Me, YA holiday anthology

My True Love Gave To Me
By: Various YA authors, edited by Stephanie Perkins
Young Adult holiday short stories
Published: Oct. 2014

I'm wrapping up with this short story collection from a really great selection of YA authors. I'd previously read all but two of the twelve authors in the collection, and there is so much variety here, even if you skim or skip ahead, there is a lot to offer.

The stories almost all bear the distinctive mark of their authors. Rainbow Rowell's is absolutely her story from the first page, with the chatty characters and heartfelt awkwardness. Some stories provide surprising depth, including Matt de la Pena and Stephanie Perkins, who touch on deeper family issues. The strangest is Kelly Link's, though I've read a short story collection from her before, which is heavy on magical realism and oddities. Laini Taylor's writing is just gorgeous, which reminds me I need to finish reading her current series.

Plus, all the skaters on the pond in the cover represent the twelve stories in the book! So cute. I highly recommend this and plan to revisit the stories next holiday season.

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