Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Welcome to a new year of networking with writers! This is a great time to get connected with Insecure Writers Support Group. They have an active Facebook page here.

I'm going to steal a prompt from Motivational Monday's quote by an author I respect:
"In my opinion, trying to guess what readers want is the wrong approach. You have to tell your story as best you can and as true to yourself as possible. You have to be honest and fair and vulnerable and foolish and brave, and not care what anyone thinks of it." Jeannette Walls.

This is a tough one. I wrote a manuscript last year that wasn't very marketable as far as the plot, and I struggled to get the story where it needed to be. I'm now beginning the process of a total rewrite. I spent a few months agonizing over how to fix the story, and how to craft something readers would want and what the market wanted. Trying to figure that out WILL drive you insane.

The takeaway here I think is to tell a good story the best you can, and if you can't do that, learn how to tell a better story. Learning more about plot and structure and what DOES sell has helped a lot to get my best to a better level. I'd devolved into trying to guess what the market wanted, but going back to basic craft is what I needed most. I needed to fine tune the structure. Then, I could write the story I wanted.

For anyone new to IWSG, we're doing quick introductions this month!
Stephanie J. Scott
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What is holding you back from writing your best?


  1. I KNOW what you mean. Any time we fail it all comes back to the basics. I suppose that's why we should be constantly studying our industry why trying to make things happen, eh?

  2. This is so true. Neil Gaiman said that his most popular works were always the ones he was uncertain about. You can't predict what other people will like.
    Your plan of focusing on your craft seems to be the best way to go.

  3. Laziness - that's what holds me back!

  4. I agree with you. It all comes back to the craft. You have to write YOUR story and make it the best you possibly can. I have to remember that, otherwise I get bogged down and have the TMI syndrome and melt (Too Much Information). Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!


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