Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Writing Bootcamp

Need writing motivation?

The YA Buccaneers are at it again:

Fall Writing Bootcamp runs from September 1 - November 30. Three months of goal setting, encouragement, and weekly check-ins.

Sign up here.

My big goals:

  • Polish up my Nano 2013 novel (in its third-ish draft)
  • Outline my Shiny New Idea 
  • Possibly do Nanowrimo 2014? My Shiny New Idea already has 3k down so maybe not
  • Work with my Pitch Wars mentees (who will be announced at midnight tonight!)
  • Judge contest entries for my RWA chapter

If you're looking to network with other writers and gain some support, I highly recommend joining up and checking in. Happy writing :)


  1. Did you stay up for the big reveal? I thought I was going to die when Brenda's blog broke. EEEEK!! I love getting new ideas for books. For now, I'm so focused on the ms I entered for PitchWars, that everything else is taking a back burner.

    1. Yes, I stayed up and was on the google hangout that some of the entrants started. So fun! Brenda couldn't even get the post up, there was so much traffic to her blog. LOL!

  2. Ooh maybe! My NaNo13 project needs more TLC too. It's "complete" but I need to rewrite or reduce the overwriting in that one and add a 2nd POV.

    NaNo14 ideas are on their way into my brain so I'm excited about that! And apparently I have some query prep to do.


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