Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Writing Bootcamp check in

YA Buccaneers are hosting a Fall Writing Bootcamp to help you make and achieve your writing goals. Check out the details here

So far I finished everything on my initial checklist! Critique group completed, beta reading notes for a writer friend completed, notes to my Pitch Wars mentee and alternate completed (though we still have more work to do!). 

What I'm working on this week:

  • Final tweaks on manuscript changes; will send back to agent in the next 2 days
  • Potentially beta readfor a new-to-me writer
  • Continue to brainstorm how to increase the story stakes in my WIP (so far, not much luck)
  • Sketch out preliminary new story idea notes

I want to have sufficient material to work on during next month's writing retreat with my critique group! We booked a cottage near a lake and everything. I need to go in prepared, and right now I'm sort of stuck between projects; not sure how to proceed with WIP. 

Check in on twitter #fallwritingbootcamp and let's keep each other encouraged and accountable. Also, check here for scheduled writing sprints for the week.


  1. I'd love to go on a writing retreat! I hear the healthy competitiveness in the air can lead to some great work. Sounds like you're doing pretty well on your goals.

  2. Good luck on your tweaks! And thanks again for the notes!


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