Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Review: Behind the Scenes: Dahlia Adler

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Behind the Scenes
By: Dahlia Adler
YA Contemporary
Published: June 2014

This book has everything: Hollywood, teen TV dramas, prom, and deeper family issues. In Behind the Scenes, Ally's childhood best friend Vanessa is in the Hollywood spotlight, having just been recruited as the lead for a hot new teen soap (think The Vampire Diaries or The O.C. ). Ally, a top student,  may need to sacrifice her Ivy League college dreams after her dad's melanoma diagnosis turns fatal. She picks up a job as her friend's personal assistant where she meets and falls for Vanessa's costar, Liam.

The balance of Hollywood vs. real life felt so realistic here. Seeing, literally, behind the scenes of a TV production with the publicists and paparazzi and the press who skews the truth, makes that whole side of life seem far less glamorous. Ally is a great character because she's loyal to Vanessa, not a TV show. Liam has a great backstory, and his relationship with Ally, with his costars, and his own family are explored and played off of Ally's experience. Lots of conflict that felt realistic despite being set among celebrities and the TV/movie scene.

I recommend this for fans of writers like Sarah Dessen and Morgan Matson. A great summer read with that touch of depth from the family issues to provide a really engaging read.

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