Thursday, August 14, 2014

Write Fast, Meet New Writers: Fri. August 15 #ChiWords Write-in + prize!

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This Friday join Chicago area romance writers for a twitter 1,000 word/1 hour write-in hosted by me!


From 8:45 pm CST to 10:15 this Friday August 15 join us with the twitter hashtag #Chiwords

You do not need to write romance or be a part of RWA to join. The point is to encourage you to get some wordcount down with the online support of other writers.

Did I hear something about a prize?

There will be a prize. A book of romance fic-leanings from one of the many great books RWA conferences have netted me.

Why Write-ins are Awesome

Last year I joined my first blog accountability group. A group of YA writers decided they wanted to check in with each other weekly, so they did. As simple as that. I've done 3 different check-in challenges over the past year where I set my own weekly goals for writing, revision, critiquing--whatever, and then checked in.

The results: last year I drafted two manuscripts in 4 months. Yup. Two manuscripts. Four months. 

These were first drafts*. One was for Nanowrimo, which has its own built-in word count goals and motivation system, but I don't think I would have attempted Nano last fall if I hadn't had so much progress with my other draft.

Checking in with other writers--whether it's word sprint check-ins on twitter, goals on blogs, or a simple text or phone call to a writer friend--works. Maybe overwhelming to some, but go ahead and try it. You might find you finish more than you would since others are counting on you.

*those unwieldy beasts which will be later dissected and torn apart, but without their existence THERE IS NO BOOK.

Hope to see you this Friday!

#Chiwords sponsored by: Chicago North RWA and Windy City RWA chapters

Additionally, Windy City's Four Seasons contest is currently open to entries through Sept. 30.

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