Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Writing Bootcamp Update: Week 3

YA Buccaneers is hosting a Spring Writing Bootcamp to keep up with motivation and writing goals. Follow along on twitter too: #YABBootcamp

Week 3 Accomplishments:
  • Completed AMELIA revision and sent to agent. Yay!!!This was my #1 priority which I'd pushed toward for weeks. Success!
  • Finished critique group materials. Our group was canceled at the last minute, but I sent the critiques out via email and we set a date for next month.
  • I did a plotting project I'd been meaning to try based on an approach by James Scott Bell's Plot & Structure: take a book you have and read and liked, preferably in a genre you write, and write a one-two line summary of each chapter (with scenes) on notecards, with notes on page count and whether the scene is Setup, Action, or Deeping. When you have your card deck, you can go through and piece out the Three Act Structure or note when turning points are, pacing, etc. This is incredibly helpful and I'm going to do this with another book. I took a comparative book to my SUNSET SUMMER project.
  • I planned out posts A - H for next month's A to Z blog challenge and I did some other blogging prepwork--stay tuned for blog tour post this Friday from an awesome romance writer!
This Week's goals:
  • Review critique group comments on SUNSET SUMMER
  • Brainstorm via email with critique group on plot points for SUNSET SUMMER
  • Outline ending chapters of SUNSET SUMMER
  • Revise 2-3 chapters of SUNSET SUMMER
  • More planning for A to Z challenge posts
RWA's Golden Heart nominees are announced this Wednesday. Having two entries in the contest is setting me on edge. I'm trying not to think about it too much. (But I am.) It would be so amazing and incredible to be a finalist in the YA category. I know have as much chance as anyone, but it's a huge contest with a lot of entries and the judging rules have changed yet again. I guess I'll go back to not thinking about it now. :) The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood will be updating on the nominees as they are announced, so check them out.


  1. Wow! Accomplishments galore! I wish I had yourr stamina, woman! :-)
    Best of luck for the Golden Heart nominations. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Sounds like you're making great progress! Good luck with the contests! :)

  3. Yay on finishing revisions! And good luck with the contest!

  4. Congrats on finishing your revision! That's awesome! Good luck with your SUNSET SUMMER goals this week. Crossing my fingers for your contest entries!

  5. Yay for finishing your AMELIA revisions :) Good luck this week!

  6. Yay for finishing revisions! I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you in the contest. Have a great week!

  7. It sounds like you're doing amazing. Congrats on finishing!

  8. Yay for productivity! I feel like I'm getting nowhere lately. I've been having one oft hose months where with everyone thing you do, 2 new things come up. Eek!

  9. That's a super productive week! Way to go! I'm buzzing and excited for the A to Z. Can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  10. Huge congrats on all you accomplished!!
    And good luck with the Golden Heart. I've been waiting anxiously on the results of a competition -- not for me, but for someone close to me -- and it's a roller coaster of worry and optimism and trying not to think about it. Rejection is part of life, but it's always great to get some validation and good news once in a while too. Fingers crossed super-tight for you!


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