Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging A to Z: The Vampire Diaries

Ah, The Vampire Diaries. What a guilty pleasure treasure trove you are.

+1 for a YA-book-turned-TV-series! The essential premise is: newly orphaned Elena meets sexy dangerous Stefan who happens to be a vampire. The town of Mystic Falls holds lots of supernatural secrets, including founding fathers who are steeped in a vampire legacy. Stefan's a vampire trying to do good - enrolling in high school, drinking animal blood - until his estranged vampire brother Damon comes to town and tests his limits.

+1 for strong female characters: Elena isn't a damsel in distress, she fights back and has proven resourceful with a plethora of enchanted amulets, rings and works with her witch friend Bonnie who to cast spells (vampires can usually be foiled by a good spell).

+1 for immortal feuding brothers: The Salvatores are the heart of the show; vampire brothers at odds who still remain fiercely loyal despite their differences.
Old Timey Stefan and Damon!
+1 Eye Candy: Pretty people invade this show. Pretty girls, hot guys, sexy undead. Yep. Sometimes that's what does it.

+1 WTF Plot: The pacing on this show is much like taking an episode of 24 and setting it to fast forward. Or  a chipmunk on speed. Just as the plot hints toward something -- boom! A character dies/falls into a crypt/is cursed/ is staked. Romances turn up every which way, new baddies come to town and curse things and then get killed. It's quite a bit to take in at times, but if it proves to be too much, think! Eye Candy and relax.

Why You Should Watch: TV that's fun and isn't afraid to poke fun at itself. See also: Eye Candy/Pretty People.

Factoid: The wife of the actor who plays Stefan Salvatore showed up this season as a doctor. No surprise: she's also very pretty.


  1. This is my favorite show. Thanks for the eye candy picture. And you're so right about the plot.

  2. I had a bunch of these stacked up on my PVR and got to watch them back to back. I was getting kind of 'meh' about the show, but now I'm totally hooked again. Especially now that Tyler and Jeremy are back (I hope permanently). Speaking of eye candy...I'd give +500 for the eye candy on this show. Seriously. :D

  3. I still haven't gotten into this. I even bypassed it at the used book store the other day. Why? Because I KNOW I'll be addicted. May have to work on this addiction this summer. :)

  4. I think it's all about eye candy. =)

  5. I've never watched the Vampire Diaries. Sounds like I should maybe give it a chance.

    Carol's Notebook

  6. You ARE kidding? *That* was his wife? I had no idea. And, yeah, she's pretty, but being more pretty than him? Not sure. That's rough.

    I was actually catching up on my DVR last night and watched a few episodes I'd missed (still have one or two left so DON'T tell me).

    In case the above comments didn't give me away, I LOVE THIS SHOW! And Damon. Especially Damon. And his quips.


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