Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogging A to Z: Hart of Dixie

Not every show can provide gripping drama and intricately weaved plot lines. But sometimes we need a break from shows that make us think to watch something lighthearted and full of pretty people.

I bring you: Hart of Dixie.

I've blogged about the show before and its confounding appeal: Rachel Bilson as a doctor isn't entirely believable, but I like her. She's a little neurotic but has heart (hart?) when it counts. She relocates to po-dunk Bluebell, Alabama after her real father, unknown to her at the time, leaves her his medical practice in his will. Given she lost out on the surgical position in NYC she'd been working toward, she took the opportunity and moved to Bluebell, a town similar in concept to Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow with its chatty neighbors and no secrets approach to small town life.

A supporting cast with former Friday Night Lights actors doesn't hurt. Plenty of love triangles and town secrets weave through each episode, but it's mostly kept light, and at times is legitimately funny. I  kind of heart Wade (in the leather jacket above), but I could take Zoe Hart with any of the guys pictured above.

Delightfully goofy Lemon is just the right combination of southern belle and hardened debutante all whilst looking like a walking Easter egg. The show at least tries to be complex with some added story lines about Zoe's estranged father (her perceived father who remains in NYC, not the deceased one) and Lemon's mother who abandoned her, which provide common ground to the two who are usually at odds.

Why You Should Watch: Pretty people, pretty setting, lighthearted fun that's manages to entertain despite its predictability.

Factoid: Scott Porter (second from right in the cast photo) played the other half of the fake 80s duo in the film Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant - the band called Pop! That movie wasn't so great, but all the stuff about Pop! was hilarious.


  1. I haven't seen this yet. I need to! Thanks for the introduction. It looks like a great show.

  2. I watched this show once and really enjoyed it. I don't know why I don't watch it now. I think there are just too many other shows on that slot that had my attention.

  3. I love this show too, and for all of the reasons that you mention. Rachel Bilson is not the best actress, but you can't help liking her :)

    I think your comparison of Bluebell to Stars Hollow is spot on, and a very compelling reason to watch this show. So much fun :)

  4. I've seen commercials for this whenever I watch Gossip Girl. Sounds like a fun show. I remember Rachel Bilson from The OC so whenever I see her on the commercials, I'd think, oh hey, that's Summer from The OC now living in the country.

  5. One of my girlfriend's LOVES this show but I haven't checked it out yet.

    As for Music and Lyrics - what can I say? I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant. You're right wasn't great but parts of it were hilarious!

  6. I've heard a lot about this show but still haven't watch it. I might do now for you have let me curious about it. Nice post!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  7. I don't have much time to watch TV and have never seen this series. However, on occasion I do heed what others say about TV shows or films and follow-up on their advice.

    I did this with 'Hunger Games' and was severely disappointed, but I have run up on some gems as well. I will take a peek at this one to see what's up.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. I'm not sure I'd even heard of this one to be honest!


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