Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogging A to Z: The Killing

OK, so I can't manage to watch EVERYTHING, so The Killing is a show still on my To Watch list. But since it fits the type of shows I'm featuring for this month's series, I wanted to include it.

The Killing takes a real-time approach to the investigation of a murdered teenager in Seattle, with three intertwining storylines. The show has been compared to as varied shows as 24 and Twin Peaks - even if you never watched it, the tagline mimics Twin Peaks' "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" That's inriguing enough for me. After enraging fans with a cliffhanger season ender that refused to tie up loose ends (Lost anyone?), the series returned April 1 with even more twists. So maybe catching up after the fact will provide a more satisfying experience. Season 1 is available now on Netflix streaming.

Why You Should Watch: Well, I want to watch because it's been critically acclaimed, and given that AMC's other dramas - Mad Men and Breaking Bad - are two of my favorite shows, I know the quality is there.

Factoid: The Danish did it first: this series is based on a series that first aired in Denmark.

Since I don't have a lot to share about this show, I'll leave you with a letter "K" throwback from the early '90s sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall:

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  1. I watched the first season and I could never decide if I honestly liked it or no. It's very slow paced, brilliant in some parts and dragging in others. Haven't yet decided if I'm going to watch the second season.

  2. I've never heard of the series...I'm into detective series on
    BBC like Miss Marple or Inspector Morse. Hope you are enjoying the blogging challenge!

  3. I love The Killing. I didn't know if I would, but I got totally hooked. Season 2 just kicked into gear too!

    Haha! Love the Kids in the Hall clip :)

  4. My favorites are "Bones" "The Closer" and other such series. Best regards to you. Ruby

  5. I haven't seen The Killing, but it sounds excellent.

  6. I was actually flipping through Hulu and wondering what that was about. Thanks for the info! I'll have to check it out.

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z


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