Friday, August 7, 2015

Project Runway! New Season!

Summer is better than ever now that Project Runway is back. Tim is looking sharper than ever, though this EW article hints he may lose his cool. Maybe even a stomp of the foot and some harsh words! If Tim loses it, I'm all behind him. He has amazing patience among the circus in the workroom.

As a fan of the show, I'm all about the commentary and recaps too. Here are some links I'll be reading post show:

The AV Club recaps -- my newly discovered TV review site

Tom & Lorenzo on twitter, posts, and a podcast, which is new to me. 

Season 14 kicked off with the Road to the Runway, which is like a casting montage where former contestants show up to check out the hopeful's collections. Then there's the childhood pictures, the visit to the home, the whole suck-you-in backstory deal that American Idol and SYTYCD and all these other talent-based reality shows do. 

Yup, I've already got favorites. And I love how majorly diverse the contestants are--they almost always have been going back to season 1. Designers from all over the world. 

Overheard: the term "straight-sized person" for non-plus sized person. Straight-sized huh? Huh. How cute is she, though?

So the actual first episode kicked off with a free-for-all grab-bag of materials where the designers had to run around an arena (?) to fetch their stuff. Sure. At least the challenge is straight-forward. No gimmicks, just show the judges your style.

Now, my favorite part. The workroom! And ... right away drama. Some designers didn't bring their kit. Fourteen seasons in, you'd think everyone would know you bring your own sewing stuff because they make you pack it up, sad style with the voice overs when you're voted out. I mean ... FOURTEEN SEASONS. 

Also, people who say "hashtag" + witticism = just, no. Just, no. No. 

The Runway

The judges: Zac Posen (eh) Nina Garcia! (yay!) and Guest Judge, along with Tim and his infamous Tim Gunn Save, to be used at his discretion. 

I'm always amazed what the designers can manage in such a short time frame. True, these are looking good since they had actual fabric and no crazy gimmick shenanigans to deal with this week. There's nothing hugely amazing here, but I really liked Ashley's work, and Candice.

No spoilers here! Catch up with me Thursdays on twitter with the #ProjectRunway tag

Season 14 Project Runway contestants

Did you watch? Who is your favorite? Your front runner? 

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  1. I have actually never watched, but it sounds like great fun. My hubby doesn't care for reality shows, and I could easily become addicted to them if I ever started. Too many other things to do, eh?


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