Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bloomsbury Spark Updates

Most of you know, my debut young adult novel Alterations will be released in 2016 by Bloomsbury Spark, I've been getting to know Sparks fellow authors and have some updates!

TODAY the YA Contemporary Song of Summer releases by Laura Lee Anderson:

The thirteen qualities of Robin’s Perfect Man range from the mildly important “Handsome” to the all-important “Great taste in music.” After all, Westfield’s best high school folk musician can’t go out with some shmuck who only listens to top 40 crap. When hot Carter Paulson walks in the door of Robin’s diner, it looks like the list may have come to life. It’s not until the end of the meal that she realizes he’s profoundly deaf.
Carter isn’t looking for a girlfriend. Especially not a hearing one. Not that he has anything against hearing girls, they just don’t speak the same language. But when the cute waitress at Grape Country Dairy makes an effort to talk with him, he takes her out on his yellow Ducati motorcycle.
Told in first person alternating perspectives, language, music, and culture go along for the ride as Carter and Robin find their song. 
Available from Amazon for under $4 and B&N for under $5!
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The soon-to-be-released Hollywod Witch Hunter by Valerie Tejeda is featured in Barnes & Noble's TEEN Blog

From the moment she first learned the truth about witches…she knew she was born to fight them.
Now, at sixteen, Iris is the lone girl on the Witch Hunters Special Ops Team.
But when Iris meets a boy named Arlo, he might just be the key to preventing an evil uprising in Southern California.
Together they're ready to protect the human race at all costs. Because that's what witch hunters do.
Welcome to Hollywood.
Goodreads & pre-order links (releases July 20)

Plus: The B&N TEEN blog lists  7 YA Books You Can Read in One Day featuring a few Spark authors.


Join Bloomsbury Spark authors for a twitter chat on summer reads next week July 16, 8 pm EST. Hashtags: #SparkAuthors #BloomburySpark moderated by @BloomsburyKids

Hope to see you there!

What are some upcoming book releases you're excited about? 

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  1. I LOVE the cover for Song of Summer! So colorful and...summery. =) I can't wait 'til we get to see your cover!


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