Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Write On Con Pitch Fest 2013!

For writers of Young Adult and Middle Grade, here's an opportunity to pitch to literary agents, and a chance to receive feedback ahead of time, the Write On Con Mid-Winter Pitch Fest.

Write On Con is a free online conference held over the summer. I participated the last two years and made a lot of connections with writers. You can read articles and view videos on writing and publishing, and you can do more interactive stuff like post your first page and query letter for critique.

The "Perfect Your Pitch" workshop is from February 18 - March 10. You can post your pitch on their forums and receive critiques from other writers. Submission for the actual Pitch-Fest begin March 10According to their site, here are the participating agents:

Alyssa Eisner-Henkin, Trident Literary
Amy Tipton, Signature Literary
Brielle Johnson, Writer's House
Dawn Frederick, Red Sofa Literary
Eddie Schneider, JABberwocky Literary
Jason Yarn, Paradigm Literary
Jennifer Flannery, Flannery Literary
Kathleen Rushall, Marsal Lyon Literary
Logan Garrison, The Gennert Company
Mollie Glick, Foundry Media
Peter Knapp, Park Literary
Sara Crowe, Harvey Klinger

It looks like this is for Young Adult and Middle Grade only,although I did see New Adult thrown in there on the site. .


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