Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging A to Z Challenge Coming in April!

Have you heard of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? In April, you create a blog post for every letter of the alphabet, so you are blogging almost every day of April. April 1 is "A" and you can choose whatever topics you want. The most fun blogs to visit are those with themes.

This is possibly the largest blog hop I've seen on the internet, meaning a coordinated effort where you post a link to your blog and other people are expected to visit it (and the same for you). I think there were over 1,500 blogs on the sign up last year. It's not feasible to visit everyone, but it's a fun way to find new blogs and connect with people.

I had a lot of fun with the challenge last year. I chose a TV show theme, and found a show for every letter of the alphabet.

This year I am creating a theme about Influential Women Authors! I'm super excited. By influential, it could be a legendary writer of classics, or a writer who has made a more recent impact on publishing or defining a genre. Some of my choices will probably be personal favorites.

To find out more and to sign up for this year's blog challenge, here is the link:
Sign up list HERE

New this year are categories for blogs. Mine will have the code BO after it for BOOKS. This will be immensely helpful since the blogs in the challenge aren't restricted to a topic. So, if you only visit writing blogs, there will be a code to distinguish that blog category.

Are you thinking of participating? What are some potential theme ideas?


  1. Can't wait to read about Influential Women Authors. I am such a word geek, I decided to do my A to Z on my favorite words and why. You know those words that just put a skip in your step. Or, at least I hope other people know what I mean. Otherwise, I guess I'll just be an odd human dictionary with an aside in April. ;-)


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