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TV Recap: Hart of Dixie Returns!

Last year, I wrote TV feature articles for a website that is now but a memory, but I had such fun doing it I thought I'd try out a series of TV recaps on my blog. Hart of Dixie is one of those guilty pleasure shows, it's like comfort food. While a lot of what I watch is dark and dramatic (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead etc.), sometimes a show about a city girl transplanted to a folksy small town hits the spot. Plus, check out Rachel Bilson's style. I watch this show half for the clothes.

So, onward we go: Hart of Dixie: Season 2 premiere, "I Fall to Pieces."

Where we last left off, Dr. Zoe Hart, in a moment of heartbreak after George Tucker (supposedly) marries his long-time sweetheart Lemon (but doesn't), accepts some late-night schmoozin' times with Wade, which is a match I'm particularly fond of. Only George shows up on her doorstep after he calls off the wedding, saying he wants to work it out with Zoe. Pretty people problems!

The season opens with a shot of the remains of George and Lemon's wedding, which on top of being called off was also wrecked by a major storm. Lemon's delightfully vapid gal pals console her, but right away Lemon perks up with her trademark zest.

Meanwhile, Zoe, still in her robe, dashes over to Lavon's--her guy pal who happens to be the mayor (only on TV...) to dish her Wade/George dilemma.
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Best line: Zoe: Turns out I have way more game than I thought.
Also: Lavon: You really need to get a girl friend.

George Tucker is ready to move right along with Zoe, but Zoe admitted to feeling a real connection with Wade. Right away, both guys end up in the same room with Zoe and the secret's out: Zoe and Wade got together. Add to that, most of the town, including Zoe's patients, blame her for breaking up Bluebell's famous couple. Confused? Here's a link to a handy chart!

Instead of moping, Lemon aims for the strong southern belle angle to move on from George. She wants to move out from her family home and be Miss Independent. Small issue: no job, no job history, no real income other than from her father.

Zoe latches onto newcomer Ruby, a former Bluebellee returning from big city life in Atlanta, after Lavon's advice to "be honest" with both guys backfires (George freaks out that Zoe got with Wade, while Wade knows of Zoe's feelings for George and dismisses their night together as a casual grade B encounter). Ruby seems rather enterprising; next we see her chatting up Lemon, and then she shows up at Lavon's, who turns out is her ex. I see trouble brewing...

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Lemon confronts Zoe wielding a cake knife. What I like about the girls' rivalry is how it's constantly upturned. If they just hated each other all the time the show would be boring (also I'm not a fan of girl rivalry if nothing ever comes of it). Even as Lemon admits Zoe is her "sworn enemy," she's seeking her out while having a panic attack. Zoe's been on her own for years while Lemon's lived under the protective wing of her father.

Great moment: George Tucker, Wade and Lavon end up outside Zoe's, speculating on Lemon's entrance with the knife, thinking Lemon is holding Zoe hostage. (I love how they--and the town--all have time to stand around and speculate this.This is all very reminiscent of Gilmore Girls' Luke and Lorelai, is it not?)).
Wade: Interstinger and Interestinger.

After a legit heart to hart (see what I did there?), the women emerge from the house to a mob scene. Their parting still ends on a sour note, but that's expected. Still, Zoe knows she needs to confront George Tucker and decide what will become of them.

Zoe shows up to meet George in some killer heels (want) and a cute dress. She doesn't want to be his rebound, and she knows she needs to work on her own relationship issues. Over at the Rammer Jammer (like GG's Luke's Diner, where everyone hangs out), Wade offers Lemon a waitressing job. Perfect! Of course, to wrap things up, Ruby's staying in Bluebelle despite saying at the top of the episode she was only passing through to visit family.

We end on Zoe and Wade, with Zoe telling him she chose neither guy, and she's an independent woman. Then again, Wade is pretty cute...

If you're a fan of the show, please share your comments on the season two premiere!

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