Thursday, June 14, 2012

What to Watch: Burn Notice

Season 6 of USA Network's Burn Notice premieres tonight. I'm planning to tune in, but I have mixed feelings.

If you're new to Burn Notice, the premise is right in the intro (contrary to SNL's 2010 sketch What is Burn Notice? a game show that asked baffled contestants to simply state the premise in order to win prizes). Michael Westen is an ex-spy who had a "burn notice" put on him, meaning he was let go from the agency with no cash or resources. Westen ends up back in his hometown of Miami, close by his meddling mother Maddie and his ex, Fiona.

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Most episodes feature Westen's buddy Sam, played by Bruce Campbell (of the cult fave Evil Dead movies), as a retired Navy SEAL with tons of resources. He serves as a wingman to Westen's personal crusade to use his spy skills for good. Fiona, who has a penchant for middling with explosives, also assists in taking down gangs, crime boss's and skeevy underlings to save various every-day folk. Westen narrates the show, often telling how to make things like a homemade tracking device or how to cause a distraction, which makes him sort of a modern-era Macgyver.

What gives me pause for season 6 is Westen is no longer blacklisted, he's back doing spy duty. He spent most of season 5 questioning the CIA's motives and poring over his burn notice files. The enemies didn't feel as urgent as with earlier seasons, and some storylines seemed to wrap up abruptly. But, season 5 ended with a great cliffhanger that I hope will propel this season into a new direction.

Will you be watching tonight?


  1. I will definitely be watching tonight. I LOVE that show and I have the biggest girl crush on Fiona.

  2. I think I left off somewhere in the middle of Season five... I need to catch up!

  3. I've never watched this series so I would be hesitant to start it in season 6. Is it worth starting from the beginning?


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