Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogging A to Z: V is for Sarah Vowell

Welcome to the Blogging From A to Z Challenge!

My theme for 2013 is Influential Women Authors.

My definition of influential is any author, classic or modern, who has inspired writers, readers, or the larger scope of culture. Some are personal favorites, or have special meaning to me.

What this list is not: a list of the most influential writers of all time. Rather, this is a collection of influential writers, corresponding with each day's letter.

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image: Goodreads
Sarah Vowell is a writer, journalist, and a contributor to NPR's This American Life. She also voiced the teen daughter Violet in Pixar's The Incredibles.

The book of hers I've read is Assassination Vacation, a non-fiction account of America's fascination with macabre tourism--visiting places where famous figures  have died. She's one of those writers who makes you suddenly take interest in something you've never given much thought to. She sticks to political figureheads in this book, taking a road trip to visit various quirky sites, hole-in-the-wall museums and such, all infused with bits of history that you probably didn't learn in school.

Her other books, all non-fiction, blur genre lines as she explores various facets of American history, politics, all with her own musings and wit. More here on her Goodreads page.

Have you heard of this woman-of-all-trades? Or, do you have a favorite quirky history book you're fond of?


  1. I was scrolling down going, "Uh... I haven't heard of any of these!" then I got to JK Rowling and Ramona Quimby and felt solid ground beneath my feet again :)

    Happy A-Zing!

  2. I enjoyed her 'Wordy Shipmates' (which I read a few hundred books ago, so don't ask me for full review!). I do enjoy history with the interesting twists included, so Sarah Vowell is on my list for doing this very well.

    p.s. Can you believe we're almost to Z? or that the year is nearly 1/3 done?

    recommending young adult books beyond bestsellers

  3. I've not heard of this one. Thanks for sharing.
    Stopping by from A-Z. Thanks for visiting my poetry/humor blog, Nickers and Ink.


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