Friday, May 8, 2015

Querying Writers: Upcoming Opportunities

You've set deadlines. You've ditched friends. You've allowed entire seasons of TV to be auto-deleted from your DVR.

Because you've WRITTEN A BOOK.

Writers, if you're ready to move to the next step, here are a few resources for you on querying and pitching to literary agents.

Query Kombat, May 22

This is a single elimination, tournament-style query off with an agent round featuring 23 agents. If this piques your interest, read all the details here.

For the first time, I'll be working behind the scenes as a Query Kombat judge! Judges details here

And while entering this contest is FREE, the person behind the contest Michelle Hauck does all this at her own expense. If her contests have helped you, see her message on funding here.

Query Pop online workshop, June 8-19

The Young Adult Romance Writers of America chapter's June online course is dedicated to query writing. You don't have to be a member or write romance to participate, and it's just $20 for 2 weeks of content. The course is through Yahoo Groups and you choose your preference of email digests. Learn at your own pace when convenient for you.

Register here

Image: Brenda Drake's blog 
Pitch Wars, August 

Pitch Wars, where querying writers enter to be matched up with a mentor before an agent round, is back! The submission window opens August 17, but keep your eye on the #PitchWars twitter tag and Brenda Drake's blog in the coming months for query workshops, first page critiques, and more.

This year, I'm partnering with another mentor, YA writer Valerie Cole, who I met through chatting about contests on twitter several years ago.

Not only do we have similar taste in books, but Valerie is a wealth of knowledge on the book industry and trends in YA. She has a wonderful agent, and she's talked me off the proverbial ledge more than once over my publishing journey.

If you finished your manuscript (or several!), this could be your year. Take advantage of what's out there and get your work out into the world!

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