Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Insecure Writers Support Group IWSG

This month's timely IWSG post hits right during the middle of Pitch Wars agent requesting. Talk about insecurity--and I'm not even pitching! But I've mentored a writer for the past two months, having gotten to choose a writer from the Pitch Wars contest "slush" to help out for this very agent round. Whew!

And so far, no agent requests based on the pitch and first page. 
Which doesn't mean that the story isn't good, or that the writer isn't there yet. She's a phenomenal writer who I ended up choosing because her voice is excellent. When I read her stuff, I thought, she can write ANYTHING. 

Maybe this story didn't get bites from these agents with this contest, but this is only the beginning. 
Still, it's tough to see others get page requests when this one did not. We've still got another day. 


  1. Brave to take on Pitch Wars. I've never done it but am going to look into it. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the last day!

  2. It's difficult to put your work out there for judging. If this writer has a remarkable voice and can write anything, she'll get there. It's inevitable, as long as she keeps writing and doesn't give up.

  3. Hope your mentee gets some agent attention! Even if not, there's always querying, and it often comes down to an agent's personal tastes. :)

  4. The fact you saw something worth mentoring in your mentee means a lot to her; I'm sure. Don't underestimate the power of your belief in her writing. The times other writers have taken pains to express faith in my abilities and support my efforts have been some of my most memorable. Some of them are good friends now.

  5. That's cool you got to be part of the process. Hopefully that writer has better luck in another pitch contest or query.

  6. I haven't submitted to Pitch Wars before. I admire anyone who is brave enough to put their work out there like that, regardless of whether their manuscript gets requested or not.

    That's great that you're mentoring someone. I bet it feels different to be on "the other side."


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