Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review: Game. Set. Match. by Jennifer Iacopelli

Game. Set. Match.
Jennifer Iacopelli
New Adult Contemporary
Published: May 2013

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I read this over the summer--my first foray into New Adult, the genre readers and writers pushed for through indie publishing. Essentially, New Adult is fiction involving college-age characters, most of which is contemporary romance themed, but that is evolving as the genre develops.

Game. Set. Match. is set an elite training facility for burgeoning tennis pros. I loved the tennis details, tennis being one of the only sports I know pretty well from playing and watching it. The story is told from three character points of view: a high schooler with raw talent who is need of an attitude adjustment; the daughter of two tennis pros who has everything to prove, and a current star going pro who is not happy to share her coach with the player had a regrettable fling with. Each have their own romantic entanglements, but the female friendships are explored as well. I think the author knows tennis because the action felt authentic. I even read part of this while at the gym with Wimbeldon on in the background, which was pretty cool.

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