Friday, August 30, 2013

Forever YA's Diversity Series

Please stop by Forever Young Adult's Heck YA, Diversity! series. Why?

1.) Authors like Jenny Han, bloggers, and publishers weigh in on diversity in Young Adult fiction--tropes, stats, and inspirational stuff. It's all good!

2.) I have a Guest Post up about YA books set outside the U.S. Come say hi!

Have a great holiday weekend, everybody!


  1. Just read your guest post and loved it! Added some more books to my list - I love LOVE cultural exposure and my favorite way to get it (other than travel) is via fiction (quite a bit cheaper). Ink did such a good job with Katie's adjustment to Japan and Japanese teenagers. I loved Revolution, too. I think Wanderlove will be my next pick.

  2. Sorry, Stephanie. I'm playing catch-up on all the blog posts I saved to read later.

    I just read your post on Forever Young Adult. I see what you're saying and agree. Not all of us can a afford to travel the globe; books allow us to do so. Through stories, we can be exposed to cultures we might never experience in our lifetimes. Great post.


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