Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blogging A to Z: X = Free Square!

Welcome to the Blogging From A to Z Challenge!

My theme for 2013 is Influential Women Authors.

My definition of influential is any author, classic or modern, who has inspired writers, readers, or the larger scope of culture. Some are personal favorites, or have special meaning to me.

What this list is not: a list of the most influential writers of all time. Rather, this is a collection of influential writers, corresponding with each day's letter.

For the full list of participating blogs, click here.

X is when the challenge topics start getting strange. I'm viewing X as a FREE SQUARE, like when you play Bingo. X is going to an influential author who didn't make my earlier round.

My freebie today: Louisa May Alcott, another classic author, who has influenced generations with Little Women.
image: Wikipedia

This was one of the first non-kids books I ever read, and also one of the first I read more than once. As a writer and creative-minded gal, of course I always connected with Jo. (It didn't hurt that Winona Ryder played Jo in the 1994 version of Little Women either).

I always wished Jo and Laurie ended up together, but I do kind of like how Laurie had a fascination with all of the March girls to some extent, and how each of them had an impact on him. It's also interesting to me how much feels relatable--Amy being harassed by mean girls at school, women getting shut down by patriarchal dudes. Louisa May, you were really onto something.

Have you read Little Women, or perhaps Little Men? Who is your favorite of the March family?


  1. I've started the book many times, yet haven't been able to read more than a couple of chapters and then I stop. I have watched the movie a few times, and wished Jo and Laurie were together also. Perhaps, Laurie is too boring for Jo who (in the movie) is my favorite. I can relate more to her character, including her willingness to leave everything behind in pursuit of a dream. It's hard to leave your comfort zone sometimes, but if you truly want something then go for it and JUMP!

  2. My sister used to love little women, I have never read it myself.

  3. I love Little Women!! It is one of my favorites. I read Little Men when I was a teenager but I haven't read it in awhile. The first time I read it I threw the book at the wall when Jo broke up with Laurie...but now I just get sad and wait patiently for when everything works out in the end :) Inspirefly

  4. I started Little Women years ago but never finished it, partly because I got the book from my mother's collection and it was kind of falling apart. I do remember reading Little Men from the school library when I was a preteen, as well as An Old-Fashioned Girl.

    I used to post on a silent film board with a really conservative, dictatorial moderator, and one of her frequent complaints was that the 1994 film adaptation was too feminist, and how dare anyone make Little Women about feminism. Um, isn't that a big part of the book, even if it went by a different form in the 19th century?


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