Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Streaming Entertainment: How Do You Watch TV & Movies?

Photo: Bryan Gosline via Flickr
It's easier than ever to watch TV and movies given how many different devices can stream entertainment. It sounds like Redbox is joining the movie streaming business. Here's a write up on how Netflix, Amazon and Redbox compare via pajiba.com.

I just bought a Nook tablet, mainly for reading, but it connects to the internet so I can use it to stream movies and TV on Netflix, Hulu or whatever else. It's a bigger screen than my smartphone (which I could also stream movies and TV from), and kind of a cool option to have. My household has subscribed to Netflix since 2005, and it's definitely come a long way from just getting DVDs in the mail (although it's still fun to get the little red envelope among all the bills...especially if you've forgotten which movie is next in the queue).

We watch a lot of the streaming content through our X-Box, to the point that we don't go out to see movies in the threatre much anymore. I have to really want to see it on the big screen to get me out of my cozy house with a zillion entertainment options. The quality of TV shows is so excellent now; watching a series like Breaking Bad or Justified or even Vampire Diaries (for its delicious fun and crazy-fast plots) is just as entertaining as going out to a movie.

How about you? Do you use any movie or TV streaming service? Which do you like best? Do you find that you watch things on portable devices, or do you prefer to sit and watch from a standard TV?


  1. We actually axed our cable because we pretty much only watch streaming stuff. (We can get all of the major networks over the air/HD here, so it just didn't make sense to pay $100 a month any longer.) Between HULU, Netflix,etc., there just isn't much you can't watch via streaming service. And $10 for Netflix and $8 (or whatever) for HULO is a heck of a lot cheaper.

    I even watch sports streaming via the xBox (ESPN and NBA Gametime FTW. :) We still go see a lot of movies, but mostly because we love going to the movies.

    1. I'll have to check into some other options on how to get cheaper TV service--the neworks--and then do the rest streaming.

  2. I love would love to be able to stream movies and television to my tv or mobile devices. I have a daily limit on internet useage, though and that stinks. I'm so jealous of all of you who can use Netflix.

  3. Netflix all the way, but on PS3 ; )

  4. I'm old school: I watch TV on my TV and I rent movies from the library. We used to have Netflix but cancelled after their rate increase. Didn't like waiting 2-3 days for a movie anyway. I've downloaded and ordered On Demand when our budget will allow, but that's rare. Call me crazy, but I still prefer the traditional TV/movie viewing experience :-)


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