Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writers: How Do You Know When You're Ready?

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For over a year -- almost two -- I've watched as agent-judged query contests, pitch opportunities and 250-word critiques pass by since I hadn't completed a manuscript.

The day has come!

I finally have "finished" my Work-in-Progress, but when is a work truly finished? I've revised entire sections, I've sent first pages to several writers for critique (an on-going process) and I received feedback from a contest a few months back, which spawned several revisions.

Have you ever revised so much you start to go crazy with changing the same things repeatedly? I'm wondering if this is a clue to send forth my story to a wider arena: blogs offer plenty of opportunity to have pitches and first pages critiqued and judged. Here's a link to one of the upcoming opportunities: Teen Eyes Editorial Contest hosted by: Brenda Drake Writes, Miss Snark and Mother Write Repeat.

How do you determine when you're ready to share your story with a wider audience? Have you personally received feedback from an agent or published author contest (on a blog or elsewhere) that helped you in your revision?


  1. Truthfully, I sometimes still wonder if I should even be submitting at all. I can't even tell you how many times I've reread my MS, but I guess I know I'm ready when I'm happy with the end result. :)

  2. Interesting question. When is one ever ready to submit? You could continue re writing for ever if you wanted. At some point you just have to think that you've had critiques/beta reads, done several revisions and that it is time to let the story go. It is hard to judge, also because it is scary to send out and easy to put that off!

  3. I think it's really hard to know for sure. Those annoying details are always there to be tweaked, but we can't tweak forever. Oh lands I'd go crazy if I tried that. But the Teen Eyes contest sounds awesome. From what I've seen of them so far, they rock. I'd say go for it.

  4. You're never done until the book is published and printed. I'm about to go through more edits of my book releasing Feb. 2014. It feels like it never ends. LOL Thanks for mentioning the contest!

  5. I think you're ready when you have confidence and objectivity. Even then you'll have to rewrite based on suggestions (that you know sound right). Best way to find out is to query. Best of luck!


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