Friday, May 18, 2012

A Word on Captcha

I admit: up until a month or two ago I had captcha on my comments. It's the thing where you have to decipher increasingly fuzzy and obscure wording prior to commenting on a blog in order to prove you aren't a robot. 

But the more blogs I visited, the more frustrated I became with bizarre captcha screens. Kinda like this:

Half the time I enter it wrong and have to try again, sometimes losing my post in the process. Most blogs - like Blogger - have additional options to block out spam comments. You can choose to log in using google, Wordpress or your facebook or twitter account. 

Friendly word of advice: experiment with your comment parameters and consider ridding the universe of captcha. If you insist on using it on your blog, by all means, go ahead. I just can't promise I won't end up like rageface there after commenting.


  1. I give up after two attempts. My settings:

    - No WV
    - No Anonymous comments allowed.
    - Moderation only if the post is older than 3 days.

    With this I get less than five spam comments a month.

  2. Glad you gave it up! I've never used word verification and I get a whole three or four spam messages a year. I have had an anonymous troll leave a nasty comment before, so I don't allow anonymous comments and moderation on older posts. (Just like Matt!)

  3. ARGH! I hate captcha! I think it's disabled on my blog. I'll check now. Is this what word verification is?

    I've had spam like once or twice in the last year so I don#'t see the need for it. I allow anonymous comments too and don't moderate comments. I don't get many comments though so that really helps! Most my comments are from bloggers I know

  4. Ha! Your examples are so spot-on. I hate those things. Some are REALLY difficult to read. I have no captchas or moderation, and I don't seem to get spam. *knocks on wood*

  5. AMEN! I use typepad, and it's spam-catching abilities -- even without any special effort on my part, are amazing. Captcha, especially when on my phone, makes commenting nearly impossible!

  6. Hah! Yes, I agree; that stuff's frustrating in the extreme, but that image you posted cracked me up. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic


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