Thursday, November 10, 2011

TV Show or YA Cover?

Doesn't the promo for the fall's new TV show Revenge look like the cover of a YA novel?

Here are some comparison examples:

Lauren Kate's whole Fallen series:

Also, Keirsten White's Paranormalcy:
 And Fury by Elizabeth Miles:

If you search Goodreads for YA + dress, there are lists of books covers with similar haunted girls in pretty dresses covers. Some of the dresses are stunning!


  1. It definitely looks like a book - although the girl doesn't really look like Sarah Michelle Geller - but that could be my eyes :-)

  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar is on Ringer. I'm not sure who the actress is on Revenge. I actually watch Ringer, it's pretty good despite a slow start!

  3. AH! I love this show and I started watching it because of that ad. They won me over with their tricky YA marketing moves.


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