Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Diary Days

Here is where I take a look back at a memorable diary entry of the past.

In 1995, I wrote:

Things I'll Do Once I'm Out of My Parent's House

  1. Color my hair as often as I like with whatever crazy (or normal) color I like.
  2. Paint some walls purple or black and do some mod decorating.
  3. Tattoo... maybe. Something small and pretty.
  4. Eat generic GRILLED CHEESE every day for lunch and a gourmet dinner.
  5. Get pets! Dog, cats :) [drew cartoony sketch of cat and dog face]
  6. I hate clutter. Junk. Get rid of stuff (unless I like it.)
I think I've done pretty well on my list. I definitely took advantage of hair coloring, starting with highlights and moving through shades of brown, burgundy, red, blond highlights, really blond highlights, full on blond, then dark brown and once, jet black. 

I have not painted any walls purple or black, and I'm not sure what either of those colors has to do with mod style, but I do appreciate retro-modern decorating.

Tattoos - not yet. Still would like something pretty, though. 

I have no idea why I would want to eat grilled cheese every day, and then a gourmet dinner. I guess we'll just say I had an appreciation for the simple and rustic, and also for more sophisticated cuisine. Although, I don't know that I ate anything classified as cuisine at that point in my life. It was pretty much just food.

Pets: YES. I still love cats. Although to be fair, my mom was OK with having pets, just not my dad. When she struck out on her own when I went to college, she adopted a cat, which became my first pet, although I only lived there in the summer and during breaks.

Lastly, I still hate clutter. Even more so, now. I get rid of so much. I contemplated trashing all these diaries but I'm glad I have them for now. Maybe once I transpose everything note-worthy to this journal, then I can ditch them for good. In that tire fire I mentioned awhile back.


  1. That is so fun that you're able to read your old diaries (you've inspired me to try to find them the next time I am at my parent's house). Sounds like you've done a pretty good job of keeping up with your plans. But what do you mean? Grilled cheese every day sounds awesome!

  2. Prepare yourself for some awkward moments! I was tempted to throw them out after a few early readings. And, a lot of what I wrote is just boring.

    I remember eating a lot of grilled cheese and I think my parents gave me some heat for it. That's probably what prompted me to declare I would someday eat it whenever I wanted.

  3. HAHA. I love it!

    I used to think.

    I cant wait to be older, cuz I wont have to clean my room...NOW I realize I have a whole house to clean! uggg. Why didnt I enjoy just having one thing?

  4. Fun! I wish I'd saved all my old journals and diaries. If only to mock my younger self. ;)

    I believe I could live off grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

    Fun blog. :)

  5. I never kept a diary, I wish I had. It would be fun to pull them out for my teenage daughter, to show her that we are NOT so un-alike.


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